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                                                                         TERMINATOR T2

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                                                                      << PLASMA RIFLE >>

1/1 scale model
the model is made of resin with metal details
the model is very detailed
all the screws that assemble it are real screws in metallotutte the parts move like the real one
pressing the grillet makes the machine gun noise
he has a scooter inside that makes him vibrate as if he really shoots
the model is done very well and is very rare

                                                                          << ENDO ARM >>

Scale 1/1
this model can be manufactured in resin
or all in metal
the metal model is truly unique
not painted but polished
so it reaches an incredible proximity to the real one
all its parts move like a real hand
all fingers movements are supported by micro bearings
the hand is assembled by genuine metal screws, no glue type is used
you can place your hand in the preferred position, you can fix the screws
to make it remain in the preferred position

                                                                     << TERMINATOR BUSTO >>

The wrought iron is made of polyurethane resin
  is about 12 centimeters high
it has an optical fiber coming out of the right eye
  and makes a red light
is bypassed by a base model interrupter
it works with normal batteries



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