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                                 STAR WARS

In this section we keep up to date with the latest models & props.

                <<  Rey's NN-14 blaster pistol>>

Great model, scale 1/1
built in Italy by Models & Props
fully built metal model
it is not used with glue to assemble the model
and assembled with over 40 metal screws
is not painted is polished is burned like real weapons
the handle is black plastic
the model weighs 1,200 Kg
is equipped with a powerful red led
which lights when the grillet is pressed
it works with a normal battery
very simple to replace
is a very rare model no one does this metal model

                        HAN SOLO DL - 44 BLASTER

You are watching a wonderful reproduction
Of the famous prop only DL-44 Blaster
The model is completely made of metal
In scale 1/1
Its measures are 31 centimeters for 22
Its weight and about 2 kilograms
The model has many parts that can move like the real one
It is completely removable
Even the whole system of the viewfinder is removable and adjustable completely
Because it is assembled with steel screws
No glue was used
The handle is made of real wood hand-worked
The model is very detailed and assembled with great care by FORMIC design
Is delivered to you with a beautiful laser engraved wooden box
It is a great support to expose your model to your collection
If you need more pictures, I will be happy to please you
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