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Our company was founded in 1989 in Padua, Italy
Created by a great friendship of two very young guys who shared all their friends and especially their favorite model hobbby we had a strong passion for modeling we spent a lot of time creating patterns to modify or migrate those that were already on sale.
One day my friend and I decided to venture on creating a new model all ours, and we started the adventure.
Unfortunately at that time the internet in Italy was not yet very well known and found the material that could be used was almost impossible because the firms that at the time produced models did not think to reveal their secrets,
We began to try thousands of tire materials to create the molds, but it was all a disaster for one day my girlfriend working at a dental practice was about to make some molds for prostheses and how it went inside some resins and illuminated by This piece of hope we went to rubbish the material in the studio that worked, thanks to which we managed to create our first model was Delorean's return to the future, we were very proud of our result and decided to ask for advice on selling to A well-known mall in the city unfortunately when he saw the model he almost laughed, he told us that that kind of models did not interest anyone, other shops told us the same thing at that point we were very disappointed we have set aside the ' Idea of ​​selling our own model.
After a while my friend came to know the famous Ebay auction site however unfortunately being not very experienced on the Internet at that time Ebay in Italy did not exist then was only long foreign to us all this was a major obstacle but my Friend did not miss out on the day and night in front of the computer to learn how that site worked until one day I said I want to try to put one of our models on auction, we went to work to create it we decided to make the famous Batmobile of 1966 After a lot of work came out a beautiful model was on scale 1/24 very detailed,
We were not very confident about the success after the latest disappointment but just put on auction American collectors began to question us, who we were doing we did and a lot of other things, at the end of the auction the model was rated more My father's wit at that time, my friend and I were astonished we did not believe our eyes so much to think we had something wrong, we braved and shipped the model at that time it took almost a month to arrive in America, for us It was a real agony to wait for the judgment of our first buyer when one day we contacted us by email and was so enthusiastic that he made a great publicity and we started selling a lot of those models and we created many others, we were so in World of real modelers in my garage.
After a while the owner of a notorious modeling model died for a motorcycle accident his wife tried to carry out the activity but with poor results and decided to sell meter for sale, I and my friend took the ball to the balsa And we bought this company was specializing in military modeling as well as auto models and we start our production with our models theirs and all the machining techniques and specific materials that you end up thanks to this purchase we managed to have and we brought the Our company at maximum production.
Unfortunately, with the coming of the crisis and with the changing of times the model began to slow down its course again is my big friend began to snuggle up with his computer to find new alternatives until one day he said michele we make to do props I looked at her externally I asked him what these famous props he was like the usual with his way of doing that he would be able to sell sand in the desert explained to me everything we started with a new adventure, this time he did not deny the choice The right one he spoke with all the collectors could figure out what they were trying to do together we realized all their wishes the props collectors appreciated him a lot because as usual we could give the best even if I preferred to be alright the scenes my passion was to realize The props did not sell them but together we compensated each other and the business went great.
Unfortunately one day worst the worst my friend missed a devastating thing for me I could not resume and spring for a while, then slowly I tried to get back into the market but it really was hard he was the genius of sales I did not I did not even know English, but gradually I'm buying collector's trust

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