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                                                                    << SAMARITAN >>

This is a 1/1 scale replica
really nice model
is produced in two versions
the model weighs about Kg 2,400
it is burned with hot chemical process like real weapons
all parts of the world can move
and a truly fantastic model
comes with 3 types of bullets
normal radioactive and with holy water


                                                                             << LOKATOR >>

This model is entirely made of metal
it is not colored but polished
to make it truly real
in scale 1/1
and equipped with a power-on LED
with a switch in the back of the model
it works with normal batteries


                                                                             << ROOM KEY >>

The model is made of polyurethane resin
in scale 1/1
has the ability to open
it is when it opens a red light turns on
and really realistic
it's very rare


                                                                      << VULCAN-65 GRANADE>>

Model made of resin
in scale 1/1
you can remove the safety key
the arming lever is raised
and a green LED lights up
like the real one


                                                                         << BULLET >>

The bullet door and burnished metal
the bullets are in polyurethane resin
and transparent plastic
they have a led that lights up
when they enter the Samaritan and close
they work with clock batteries


                                                                                << BULLET >>

The bullet door is made of burnished metal
the bullets are in resin and pvc crush the bullets
which used Hellboy with silver ash and garlic
very rare model

                                                                                   << BULLET >>

The bullet door is in burnished metal
the bullets are in resin is polished metal


                                                                             << Big Baby Shell >>

The scale model 1/1
the lower part is in metal the bottom is resin
the design is embossed with laser


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