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                                                          FAMOUS VEHICLES USED IN FILMS

                                          In this section we keep you up to date on models & props news.

                                                                    << BATMOBILE  Scala 1/12 >>

Multi-time model
The model is 1/12 scale made of resin with metal details and photoinjection
This model is very particular with all the lights working
They light up with switches under the model are running on normal batteries
Is very cautious in details
One thing that makes it really unique is the turbine that really works
Is equipped with a system that opens the rear hood and presses a button to turn on a flame propane gas powered
So this makes it a unique model for the collateralists in the world.

                                                                           << BATMOBILE 1/24 >>

Scale model 1/24
Resin made with metal details is photo-incision
Very curious model in detail
You can open the hood you can turn on all the lights
One thing that makes it truly unique is rare
You may also have metal


                                                                     << BATMOBILE 1/43 >>

The model is in scale 1/43
Metal product with details in engraving photos
Is a truly unique model to the rugged hull bat
It's all the lights that work
All unique models for collectors


                                                                    << LOTUS SOTTOMERINO 007 >>

Scale model 1/43
Resin product with metal details and photo engraving
Very curious model in detail

                                                                        << AREOPLANO 007 >>

Scale model 1/120
Metal product
Model taken care of in details

                                                              << ASTON MARTIN DB5 007 >>

Scale model 1/43
Resin product with metal details and photo engraving
Very cautious in details to many moving parts like spurs in the wheels
Spurs in the bumper, the roof opens
All to make it a very special model

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