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                                    BLADE RUNNER

In this section we keep up to date with the latest Blade Runner models & props.

                              << Blaster K'2049 >>


This is a very loyal reproduction of the Blaster 2049 Blade Runner
the model is in scale 1/1 and is completely produced in metal (zamac)
the model has been reproduced very faithfully
thanks to the collaboration
with experts in the field of original props
they provided me with detailed photos, and precise measurements
It is through our CNC milling machines
is sophisticated 3d printers
I managed to create a very special prop
the prop has the grillet moving
is when the grillet is pressed the hammer moves
it has two red LEDs on the sides of the model
comes with a green LED located in the model's viewfinder
all the LEDs light up with a microswitch under the handle
they work with a normal battery under the handle
very simple to replace
the model is not painted, but burnished, like the real weapons
the hammer is chromed like the real one
the handle is made of resin is to make the carbon
is done with the Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics
also its weight is very realistic weighs 1,650 Kg
all this to give you a truly unique prop
for your collection

                               << Blaster M 2019>>

This is the 1/1 scale playback of the beautiful Blaster m2019
the model is completely made of metal
only the bullet door is in Pureuretanic resin
to maintain the reality of the model
you can have it in the two versions
black or black and brown
the burning is done in the same procedure as real weapons
the model to all movable parts like the real one
in its assembly it is not used with any kind of glue
only real screws
It comes with 5 red and 2 green LEDs
which light up with an interrupter and work with normal batteries
the handle is made of transparent non-slip plastic
has the ability to insert and remove 5 bullets


                              <<  LEON'S COP 357  >>

Reproduction of the scale model 1/1
completely made of metal
the model is not colored but polished
to achieve the perfect real result
has the ability to open and insert and remove bullets
you can press the grille of black plastic anti-slip bushing


                                   << BADGES >>

Scale 1/1
model made entirely of metal
the model is polished is burnished
in real life
is equipped with support for wearing it
like the real one


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